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Our business philosophy differentiates us from other software resellers and has guided us since 1995.  “Software should help your business run efficiently, not dictate the way your business is done.”  This is a principle that many software resellers and vendors don’t follow – many try to fit a round peg into a square hole. 

We start by looking for organizations that are good fits with our software solutions right out-of-the box and then we successfully implement the modules they require.  We’ve seen all too many times a client that has been sold a particular software solution and then left to fend for themselves.  Everyone in IT knows that you can build or buy the best application or system, but that the slightest bump in the road during implementation can put the entire project’s success in jeopardy. 

We also know that Users don’t like change.  Many of them look for any reason they can to say, “I told you this wouldn’t work.”  So what can The Donas Group, Inc. do to improve your chances of a successful implementation?  In a word – plenty! 

We can provide full service implementation assistance for any IT project. Once a clear understanding of the project is identified, our team will work with your project management team to create a detailed plan to ensure the success of the implementation.

In order for a company to get the highest possible return on investment from newly purchased software, the system must be properly implemented.  If you wish us to be involved, our consultants guide new clients through the entire process of installing the software, transferring data, learning how to use the software, figuring how it integrates with other applications—and perhaps most importantly—helping them set-up new internal processes.

Our implementation team is made up of professionals with years of experience—not just with software systems—but also in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, accounting and business process re-engineering.  They can help make an involved transition as simple as possible, saving your organization time and money by keeping your employees productive.

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