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Synergy’s workflow connects all the aspects and data of your company.

It is expected that all your corporate data is stored in Synergy such as human resources management information, customer/prospect files, catalog, projects, documents, requests and tasks.

Synergy enables you to link all related data to a request, without having to extract it from a database or another program.  This ensures up-to-date and accessible information.  All employees will have access to the same data and can view the routing of their own workflow requests.

This increases the flexibility and transparency of your organization.   As every company has it’s own specific business processes, requests can be easily modified, without having to have specific technical skills.

Workflow is a flexible framework in which all business practices can be structured, standardized, planned and controlled.  Workflow will quickly distribute tasks to the rights people, track the progress of each task and report on the results.

Example of Workflow: Vacation Request

How is this process organized in a large number of organizations?  A vacation request will be submitted on paper (form, fax or e-mail) to a manager.  He / She replies back to the employee (by paper) that the vacation is approved.  The employee will mark the date in his calendar tools (paper, PDA, Outlook or wall calendar).

The manager has to forward the application request to the Human Resources department, so they can deduct the days from the vacation entitlements of the employee.

This example shows that in a simple process such as this, information is registered and re-typed multiple times in different databases.  Although this is very inefficient, the real problem starts when employees, direct and indirect managers and HR staff need insight into the vacation requests / balance of days.

The manager will probably have to call or e-mail both the employee and the HR department to get all the information that he/she requires.  The employee has to look up his approved vacation days in their calendar or PDA, and communicate this back to their manager.  The same goes for the HR staff, they have to check their records and call, e-mail or fax the manager.

The final report that the manager ends up with is almost never up-to-date or complete.  How can the report be accurate if the information comes from different databases or sources?

So basically, applying for vacation is a process of two steps:

A request for vacation is submitted by an employee

The request is either approved or rejected by the manager of the employee.

In Synergy, every employee has their own workflow or To-Do list.  A request (Business Process Request) for a vacation day is completed in Synergy and routed to the correct individual for processing, electronically.

The employee can track the request throughout the process and the manager can easily review one or many vacation requests without requesting assistance.

Why structure Business Processes via Workflow?

  •     One time entry of information at the source
  •     The transfer of responsibilities in a process is 100% clear
  •     Policies for business processes are immediately available
  •     Structuring and giving insight into internal information flows
  •     Real-time and flexible reports on your business processes

In short, Synergy workflows enable you to structure, control your business processes and report on the actual activities in your organization. Electronic workflows, integrated with customer, supplier, project, item, document and employee information form the basis of a new generation of administrative solutions.

Very elaborate queries can be run on all workflow requests within an organization to allow maximum insight and control into the actual business processes.

Synergy Business Process Management
Synergy Business Process Management
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Synergy Workflow Management
Synergy Workflow Management
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Workflow - What Is It
Workflow - What Is It
Workflow - What Is It.pdf
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