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Document Management (DMS)

For many organizations, information management is limited to a bunch of loosely organized files on the network: a digital haystack where documents can easily be lost.

Exact’s Synergy stores documents, e–mails and files and can link them to Accounts, Contacts, Items, Projects and Resources.  Advanced search options provide you with the information you need at your fingertips, and everyone has access to the same information. Important documents are stored once and referenced over and over, so there’s no confusion over who has the most current version, or who is responsible for what content.

Functions for version control tell you which version is active and which version is still in progress.  Important documents can be added to a list of favorites that you can access quickly and easily from your personal homepage.
You can reduce the time you spend searching for information and increase the time you have to use it.
Most importantly with Synergy, knowledge is never lost.

Information Management
Information Management
Information Management.pdf
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Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management.pdf
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Portal Management
Portal Management
Portal Management.pdf
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