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Success in today’s manufacturing environment requires the application of every possible tool to reduce waste and enhance product quality and time to market.

Consistency of business and manufacturing processes, and visibility into every aspect of the enterprise is a must.  Exact’s Macola Enterprise Suite (ES) provides a comprehensive suite of applications designed for the Make To Stock, Make To Order, Engineer To Order, Assemble to Order and Mixed – Mode manufacturing environments.

The intent of our Material Planning & Control (MPC) is to provide a manufacturing planning and control system that includes full material planning capabilities.  This solution is for companies that are quick turn, material intensive manufacturers.  Our Production Order Processing module is a solution that allows the company to gain the benefits of material planning and control without the cost or effort to maintain a more traditional shop floor environment.

Exact’s enterprise manufacturing suite of modules – Shop Floor Control (SFC) includes full material and resource planning, manufacturing execution and analysis targeted at companies that are operation intensive, work-in-process environments where both material and labor contribute significantly to the cost of goods sold.

Our manufacturing modules are flexible, scalable, easy–to–use and fully integrated, helping you to build and distribute products that delight your customers, increase your profitability and improve your competitive advantage.
Use our Serial Lot functionality to minimize your cost of quality by quickly finding and correcting poor manufacturing processes or vendor issues.  Trace specific serialized or lotted items and drill down on these items or batches helps to identify quality problems before they occur.

Spreadsheet style interface for easy and efficient preparation of quotes and the interface allows fields to be turned on or off dynamically.  Users can create estimates for both inventory and non–inventory, and quote any combination of material, labor, overhead and outside service costs.  You can run “what if” analysis and compare actual to estimated cost comparisons help you refine future quotes.

The Master Scheduling module is used to manage your company’s overall demand planning process.  Create long–term production plans, taking into account the company’s demand plans, including sales forecast, actual demand (customer orders), material availability and plant capacity.

The integration of materials planning and operations modules allows for the efficient flow of the materials and production plans into executable purchasing and manufacturing activities.
Easily report on and control operations, outside processes, tools and notes used in producing a product to control cost and improve efficiency.

Differences Between POP & SFC
Differences Between POP & SFC
Differences between POP & SFC.pdf
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Labor Performance
Labor Performance
Labor Performance.pdf
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Manufacturing Cost Accounting
Manufacturing Cost Accounting
Manufacturing Cost Accounting.pdf
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Master Scheduling (MS)
Master Scheduling (MS)
Master Scheduling (MS).pdf
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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Material Requirements Planning (MRP).pdf
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